Our aim is to provide vehicles with a correct history, from reliable and verified partners across Europe. We take care of all the technical and legal aspects to make your car purchase as comfortable, safe and quick as possible. Our team has been importing and selling vehicles since 1992 and based on our long experience, we select vehicles for our customers, according to their needs, wishes and possibilities. 

Nordic vechicle accessories

The vehicles we sell have Nordic equipment levels - designed specifically for driving in our northern, changeable climate.

Vechicle 50-point check

All the vehicles we deal with, undergo a 50-point technical inspection, which checks the technical condition of the vehicle and the main technical points.

Controlled maintenance history

In cooperation with trusted partners in Europe, we deliver vehicles with a correct driving history to Estonia. All delivered vehicles have a verified and correct maintenance history and records of previous maintenance. If the vehicle has been involved in an accident, we also inform the potential buyer.


Additional warranty, 1 year / 20 000 km


Cars purchased from us can be covered by an additional warranty of up to one year with a mileage limit of 20 000 km. The price and the exact conditions of the additional warranty depend on the brand of the car you buy.

Replacement car

We offer a replacement car to all our customers for the period when their new vehicle is either arriving or undergoing technical repairs.

Installation of additional equipment

At the customer's request, we can install additional equipment on the car. Whether it's tinting the windows or installing a pre-heater, we always get the job done quickly, to a high standard of quality and with our own guarantee!

Buying a new car from us (as a deposit for an old car)

When you buy a new car from us, you can use your existing car as a deposit for a new vehicle. We make the exchange process and the sale of your existing car quick and easy.

Car dealership

We have a spacious, fenced and video-surveilled showroom with up to 70 vehicles of varying equipment levels for sale at any one time. All cars on the site are insured.